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A little bit about me...

Since I was very young I was drawn to spiritual practices, inspired by my Aunty who would come over and read teacups and tarot cards with us. I remember mimicking her and practicing Reiki on my friend when she had hiccups in the fifth grade. As a teenager and young woman I struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks which pushed me to delve further into different methods of holistic and spiritual healing, taking the parts that resonated with me and learning to implement them into my life. 

Eager to learn more I apprenticed under my Aunty and her Reiki partner who did Reiki sessions at a local First Nations community every week. I felt a deep connection to the people and the practice and it’s ability to heal and connect people in a way that I found so beautiful. Though I was most comfortable hiding behind my mentors and using my gifts quietly, when my Aunty suddenly decided to retire I had a choice to give up the practice or take it on myself, stepping into the forefront which terrified me. At that point I opened Sowilo Wellness Studio. Sowilo, an ancient Rune meaning “sun” reflected my intentions of bringing light and healing to those who needed it. As I built trust and confidence in working with people one on one, I added to my repertoire studying Ayurveda, Massage, Reflexology and most recently becoming certified as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor. 

When I took my teacher training I swore I would NEVER actually teach a class because my anxiety wouldn’t allow it. To me it was completely out of the question! When it came time to do my practicum I taught four people that I knew well, turned the lights really low and made them close their eyes for 90% of the class. But I made it through. I used humor to ease my nerves and found that my own vulnerability made my students feel at ease as well. Before I knew it I was teaching classes of ten people, eight times per week and in this setting I could connect with people that I would normally feel intimidated by as much of my anxiety happened in social situations. When teaching I found a state of bliss where I could bypass all my fear and express my true self while creating sacred space for others to do the same. I loved seeing the transformation in my students as they went from feeling stressed to peaceful contentment throughout the class without any change in their external life. This, to me, proved that regardless of circumstances in your outer world it is possible to connect to a space of peace and happiness within.

I am now passionately seeking to extend my reach to the world, sharing what I have learned on my journey and seeing who reaches back in likeness. My intention is to create a safe and loving space for people to explore the magic and power that is within them. Providing tools and resources for self-healing, manifestation and connecting to your higher self. Once again my soul is asking me to step out of my comfort zone and expand and though I still experience my silly old fears I choose to trust in my path and see them in a different light, remembering that they're a sign that something BIG is about to happen and this time I welcome that wholeheartedly! I am so incredibly thrilled to start this journey of connection and healing with you all.

All my love

Chelsea <3